Preventive measures to curb diseases in slums

An aid project by “Progressive Volunteers” (Jeremiah M.) in Nairobi, Kenya

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Jeremiah M. (Project Manager)

Jeremiah M.
Based on our field investigation of the area, we have designed an educational program that aim to helping the local population to prevent illnesses and manage, mitigate impacts of natural and man made disasters in the Ruaraka slums.

Our program shall respond to the health needs of the targeted population and it is designed to last 12 months.

We intend to address the prevention measures to curb diseases and first aid responses with lectures and workshops directed by volunteers in groups of 25 community members that will also be selected according to their personal skills.

During the first 6 months we intend to train 250 volunteers that shall be chosen according to the distinctive characteristics of the area residents and personal skills with the objective of making them conscious of the importance of preventive health and environmental hygiene and its important in diminishing the recurrent illnesses that affects the population and enable them to teach as well.

They shall also be equipped with basic first aid skills and tool kits. This will enable the community to be self sufficient in case of emergencies and natural disasters in the inaccessible slums where health professionals are absent or over worked.

For the implementation of the first stage of this program we shall have twenty five (25) volunteers drawn from local partners i.e. St John Ambulance, Kenya Red Cross and Medical School of University of Nairobi willing to teach our selected trainees.

We will also seek alliances with universities and medical organizations, local institutions and also communities that can provide venues and elements for our workshops

The program’s second stage of 6 months shall involve monitoring the first trainees as they transfer the acquired knowledge to other members of the community.

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Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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