Rromani Baxt Centre, Tirane

An aid project by V. Nano in Tirane, Albania

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V. Nano (Project Manager)

V. Nano
The Rromani Baxt centre in Tirana, Albania provides a range of vital services for the Roma community in the area. These include: a kindergarten for children aged 4-6, the creation of first bilingual Rroma-Albanian dictionary, the founding of local musical groups, and various collaborations with groups such as the London-based Minorities Rights Group and the foundation OSFA Soros Tirana. The group seeks to integrate the Roma more cohesively within Albanian society, as well as to combat problems such as drug abuse, human trafficking and illiteracy.

The centre is in dire need of additional equipment so as to be able to continue to provide essential services for the Rromani community.

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Location: Tirane, Albania

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