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Funded Assistance for injured and refugees in Libya

Benghazi, Libya

Funded Assistance for injured and refugees in Libya

Benghazi, Libya

medeor and Libyan Doctors for Hospitals in Libya organize emergency assistance for the injured and refugees, by providing medicines and surgical supplies to hospitals.

M. Gotzen from Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk action medeor e.V. | 
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About this project

The battle for political power in Libya is being fought with weapons, but most of the victims are civilians. In Benghazi, Tobruk, Misurata, Adschdabija and Sawija the clashes between government troops and rebels have resulted in many deaths and injuries.

According to the United Nations, the number of refugees meanwhile exceeds 180,000. Tens of thousands of people, especially migrant workers from other African states and Asians, are trapped at the borders to Tunisia and Egypt.
Hospitals in the region can barely cope with the number of injured and severely lack medicines and medical equipment.

The German Medical Aid Organisation action medeor e.V. and the Libyan Doctors for Hospitals in Libya are cooperating to provide urgently needed bandaging materials, antibiotics, pain killers and medical instruments to hospitals in the affected regions.

Libyan Doctors for Hospitals in Libya is an independent organization, which provides aid regardless of political, religious or ideological beliefs. Medicines and medical equipment is being distributed directly to hospitals according to need.

The Benghazi Jala Hospital is one example. It is the largest emergency hospital in the Eastern region of the country and attends to more than one million patients. Many other hospitals in the region transfer their patients to Benghazi Jala Hospital. Currently the hospital is seriously lacking personnel, medicines and equipment.

Further hospitals which are in urgent need of medical aid are located in Tobruk, Derna, Albaida und Ajdabia.

En francais:

En Libye, le combat pour le pouvoir politique est mené avec des armes. Cependant la plupart des victimes sont des civiles. Que ce soit à Benghazi, Tobrouk, Misrat, Adschdabij ou Al Zawihia, partout il y a des combats qui font beaucoup de morts et de blessés. D’après les informations des Nations Unies, le nombre de réfugiés s’ékèveraient actuellement à plus de 180.000 personnes. Environ 30.000 personnes se dirrigent vers les frontières et attendent de pouvoir quitter le pays. Les hôpitaux tombent en rupture de stock de médicaments.

C’est pourquoi action medeor, ensemble avec l’organisation „Libyan doctors for hospitals in Libya“ s’est engagé à apporter de l’aide à plusieurs hopitaux dans la région en conflit.
Notre partenaire est une organisation indépendante, sans appartenance politique ou religieuse. Elle apporte le matériel médical directment dans les hopitaux de Libye, suivant leurs besoins propres.

Un exemple: l’hôpital Jala de Banghazi est l‘hôpital qui traite le plus grand nombre de cas dans la région est du pays. Il touche une population de plus d‘1 million de personnes. Beaucoup d‘hopitaux d’autres régions y envoient leurs patients. Cependant, pendant cette période de conflit, le manque de personnel, de médicaments et d’instruments médicaux se fait ressentir. Les autres hôpitaux qui doivent également recevoir des médicaments se trouvent à Tobrouk, Derna, Albeida ou encore à Ajdabia.
Updated at 18. March 2020