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Vital Legal Support for Refugees in Greece


We received a payout of €9,801.85

P. Worthington
P. Worthington wrote on 24-03-2021

The donated funds were used to fund part of ELIL's projects in Lesvos and Samos, including the costs relating to volunteer lawyers, full-time Greek asylum lawyers and professional interpreters. 

Through our work in 2020, ELIL was able to provide free, independent legal assistance to over 1,600 people. This included supporting almost 900 individuals in relation to their asylum interview, supporting over 200 people in relation to family reunification and providing assistance to almost 200 unaccompanied children. We also assisted almost 400 people with other asylum-related legal issues.

We are extremely grateful to all who donated to enable European Lawyers in Lesvos to provide free legal assistance to asylum seekers on Lesvos. These donations were crucial in enabling ELIL to carry on its work to protect human rights and uphold the rule of law by providing asylum seekers with meaningful access to legal assistance.

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