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Help us protect the jaguar's biocorridor in Montserrat, Costa Rica

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On Feb/2018, a jaguar strike killed 5 calves in the neighboring cattle ranches of Montserrat's biocorridor. Farmers are now threatening to shot predators on sight. Buying land for conservation might help to the survival of the species in this place.

Berny S. from Rocaverde FoundationWrite a message

The Montserrat biocorridor is one located between the Irazu Volcano and Braulio Carrillo National Parks in Costa Rica.  Being part of a UNESCO's biosphere reserve, this land holds a significant portion of Costa Rican species, one of the top ranked Countries in the World for biodiversity. Just 32 Km away from its Capital City, San Jose, there's good chances of spotting the mighty jaguar (Panthera onca), the biggest feline predator in the whole Continent. 
During February 2018, one of these predators accounted for the death of five calves in the neighboring cattle ranches of the area.  This hunter rarely feeds on domestic animals, but during the last couple years, an active volcano has been spouting ash, damaging the vegetation which feeds the prey required by this big predator, and therefore moving far away its main source of food. In the beginning it was easy to talk to the farmers not to harm the predators, but after this situation has gotten out of control with most of them enraged, Rocaverde Foundation has decided to step ahead and protect the live of this top predator.  A few farmers are willing to sell portions of land in an effort to preserve the natural forest that wild species require to survive.  That is the main reason why we are starting this crowdfunding.  
Our first option is a piece of primary and secondary forest of almost 13 Hectares, surrounded by other farm that limits the Braulio Carrillo National Park.  Here it's quite common to spot scratched tree trunks, meaning that feline predators (not only jaguars) roam looking for prey.  This place also gives birth to a 40 m hardly accesible waterfall, making it a natural water reserve.  The price of the land is 1.4 euros per square meter, for a total area of 127.600 square meters, and a price of 177.419,00 euros.  We offer three options for donating: one, five or ten square meters.  
Your contribution might save the live of these incredible predators.  Acting today will guarantee that this place will become a sanctuary for this and other wild species.  With this in mind and education for them from our side, farmers might want to follow our conservation effort and support our cause.  
Please share and donate. Thanks for your valuable support.
This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin:

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