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Empowering Women in Rural India

United for Hope is an NGO committed to the empowerment of the poor and marginalised women in rural India. With projects in the field of hygiene, education and alternative livelihood, we help them achieve a healthy and dignified life.

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Driven by a love of India and a passion for equality, the United for Hope team is creating more dignified, safer living for rural India’s poor.

Our work, with your financial support, will help to empower more women in the village of Tirmasahun in the state of Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest states in India.
There is no place where it is worse to be born a female.
In this highly patriarchal society, few women can read or work. Women’s lives are shorter than their male equivalents and birthrates are some of the lowest in India. Conversely, women here endure high rates of girls not going to school, dowry death, domestic violence and sexual assault.
Our experience, gained through 4 years of working in Tirmasahun, has enabled us to identify 3 key issues – and the opportunities to enable women to live a dignified, healthy and enjoyable life.
Our projects will improve:

Health, Hygiene & Dignity
Only 2-3% of women in rural India have access to disposible sanitary napkins. Most must manage menstruation with rags or plastic, ash or sand. This deprivation leads to 20% of girls dropping out of school.
By providing women with proper sanitary pads and educating people to change the taboo around menstrual hygiene, we can prevent what should be a minor issue becoming a major, life changing problem.

Girl Child Education
Most often, education for girls in rural India is sidelined by poverty, boys taking priority or the need for girls to help at home. We recognise education as the key to giving girls a better future and so are providing access to quality education, underpinned by self-help women’s groups to help girls grow in confidence.

Livelihood & Empowerment
The absence of proper education and dependance on their husbands’ and fathers’ means that women’s employability rates are incredibly low. Even with family support and opportunities, women miss out on jobs through lack of skills,
To help women to empower themselves and earn money for their families, we offer sewing training courses in a safe, familiar, trusted environment, where our attendees learn how to sew professionally and have access to our women support group and activities.

All of your money goes directly to finance projects and you can make a difference for as little as:

5€ provides 1 month’s sewing-training for one woman
20€ will take care of a woman's menstrual hygiene needs for one year
35€ will educate a girl for one year
90€ will buy a sewing machine for training and then to give a woman a tool to generate income, strenghten her livelihood and independence. 

Each one of these small gestures has enormous potential to transform the lives of women and girls in rural India. Any support you can give will be put to good use and is immensely appreciated.

Thank you!
The United for Hope Team

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