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Help children find a better place in Emerald Hill

Harare, Zimbabwe

Help children find a better place in Emerald Hill

Harare, Zimbabwe

Emerald Hill provides shelter for orphans who suffer from AIDS or have endured abuse and abandonment. The financial situation of the orphanage is critical. Please help us in supporting the orphanage and guarantee a brighter future for those in need.

F. Hutmacher from Missionsdominikanerinnen v. heiligsten Herzen Jesu | 
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About this project

Emerald Hill is an orphanage that provides shelter, care, love and protection for orphans who suffer from AIDS or have endured the necessary horrors (e.g. abuse or abandonment).
It provides for simple things, quite basic necessities, like a roof over your head or access to clean water. These things are not natural for an orphan in Zimbabwe and can make a difference between life and death. Moreover, the orphanage offers these children the opportunity to go to school and build their future in a way, which otherwise would not have been possible in a country like Zimbabwe. Currently it is a safe haven for about 90 children, ranging in age from 3 to 20 years old.
Zimbabwe is a poverty-struck country plagued by corruption. Due to huge inflation, the country does not have its own currency.
The financial situation of the orphanage is critical. There is no governmental support. The orphanage is completely dependent on external and predominantly foreign donations. Donors, however, shift their attention over time and rarely stay involved in a project for a longer period. Donations from NGOs and other external funds are therefore decreasing.
Generally speaking, donors want to be guaranteed that their money is not spent in vain and that results are measurable. A well-developed business plan is often required to interest people to make a donation in the first place. A major disadvantage of this process is that no money is available for all other causes.
For example: money is collected for an ambulance, but there is no money to pay the driver. Medical equipment is shipped to save lives, but there is no money available to train doctors how to operate on or with it, leaving the equipment unused. Bicycles are donated to the children, but no one carries out maintenance work, resulting in a shed filled with broken bicycles.
Wonderful initiatives sometimes have little or no added value for daily practice.
For the total chain of charity work to be effective one more thing is paramount: non-earmarked money. So that an aspecific investment can actually be beneficial for a specific goal, such as an ambulance, medical equipment or bicycles.

The Emerald Hill Foundation is committed to collect of non-earmarked money. Money that can be used in wide variety of ways to support the final goal: supporting the children of the orphanage. More specifically, you can think of preventive maintenance at the orphanage, repairing children's toys or bicycles, paying school fees or uniforms so that children are not bullied or discriminated against and to cover costs for medical care.

With your donation we can make our dreams possible to support Emerald Hill and the children to achieve their dreams of a brighter future. Please help us supporting the orphanage and share this message with all your friends, family and colleagues.
Thank you for your help.
Nathan A. Poublon