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Support In Emotional Crises - At Home, Without Restrictions, At Eye Level

Leipzig, Germany

Support In Emotional Crises - At Home, Without Restrictions, At Eye Level

Leipzig, Germany

Using Open Dialogue we want to find new ways to deal with emotional crises and to productively confront them wherever they appear. This means working quickly, without restrictions, at home, and including the social network.

T. Kruse from Offener Dialog e.V. | 
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About this project

We believe that an in-patient stay in a psychiatric clinic should not be the only available option for dealing with severe emotional crises, and for finding support on the way to recovery. We hope to find new ways to cope with emotional crises, and to productively confront them wherever they occur. This means responding quickly, without conditions, at home and involving the social network. To this end we are establishing an independent crisis service for clients in Leipzig. Our team can be contacted at any time and will respond immediately to crises. Two members of our team will organize a network meeting at the soonest possible time. Whomever contacts us will decide where this meeting will be held and who will be invited. This could include family, friends, and co-workers, or anybody else who is affected by the crisis or could be helpful. We will come as often and stay as long as the network feels it is necessary. Through dialogue, we try to come to a new and shared understanding of the situation and to embrace new perspectives. Any further support for the client will be planned collaboratively. We are guided by the principle, “nothing about me without me and believe it is essential to include clients in decisions regarding their own treatment. We are convinced that through dialogue it is possible to give everyone involved a voice, and to protect and strengthen everyone’s autonomy. We cooperate with existing services, but we also respect and welcome social networks that wish to support each other independently.

Updated at 18. March 2020