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Support the organic farming!

Nanegaon, India

Support the organic farming!

Nanegaon, India

A whole year long I am going to work at a organic farm in India, where I will learn more about the organic farming - the future of agriculture in harmony with the nature. A great project for nature, international understanding and myself.

J. Zwicklbauer from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH | 
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About this project


My name is Jan Zwicklbauer and I am a voluntary at the organisation "Volunta", a subsidiary of the german red cross, which sends young people in projects to foreign counties.

From august 2018 I am going to make a voluntary service for one year at the organic farm "Gorus" in Nanegaon (50 kilometres north of Pune). There my tasks will be to plant and harvest foods, to sell them at the market, to do office works and to educate farmers in organic farming.

For myself there are a lot of reasons why I want to do this voluntary service.
Since 1950 the world population has doubled itself, but the agriculturally used space has enlarged just about 10 percent. By that the demand for foods has increased, too, but in order to not become to expensive, the worlds food production has introduced pesticides and chemical fertilizer. The consequences are the pollution of the environment and because of that falling yields of the agricultural used space, where there is operated with conventional methods. A vicious circle, which requires a getting out. The solution is the organic farming.
Topics like international understanding become in our modern world always more important. Through this project the international understanding with a economically enormously aspiring country - India - becomes promoted. To keep ready this increadible possibility for other young people in future, it is important that Volunta does not come up for all the costs. That is at the same time the reason, why we should promote a support group for our voluntary service, which allows us to collect donations in an amount of 300€ per month.
There are also a lot of chances the year in India enables to me. It gives me the chance to collect unique experiences and inspirations, to develop myself and to orientate myself in the topic of environmental protection, in which I would like to work on later.

For more informatons, please visit my blog:

Updated at 18. March 2020