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Ticket costs for refugees to protest against Deportation camps Bayern

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To help refugees to take part in the protest on the 15.5.2018 in Manching:, please donate for this project. One way ticket in Ingolstadt costs 3 Euro. So we need 6 Euro/person.

S. Dünnwald from Förderverein Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat e.V.Write a message

Hidden behind the euphemistic labels „Transit Centers“ or ANKER Facilities are in reality deportation camps, which have the aim of covertly deporting refugees as fast as possible and denying them integration in Germany.
 There are already three of such deportation camps right in the heart of Bavaria, in Ingolstadt-Manching, Deggendorf and Regensburg. In Bamberg, it is a part of the Reception Facility Oberfranken. 
 These camps are the bad role models for the nationwide „ANKER-Facilities“ being planned by the grand coalition.
 People will be deprived of their personal rights in these deportation camps. We have joined forces against this in order to loudly and clearly say NO! 
 We demand:
 -the immediate closure of the deportation camps,
 -an individual right of asylum and an asylum process that is fair and follows due process,
 -an adequate counselling and legal assistance for all in the asylum process,
 -an increase of the asylum social counselling positions in the social welfare organisations,
 -a humane accommodation for all newly arrived asylum seekers, in which privacy is protected and an autonomous life is possible,
 -a rapid deployment to smaller accommodations,
 -education and employment opportunities from the start, attendance of regular schools and care facilities for all children and youths,
 We do not want the solidarity between refugees and the indigenous population, which has evolved over the past few years, to be destroyed by a politics of isolation! 

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