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Funded Adolescent Girls Empowerment Project (AGEP)

Lyantonde, Uganda

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L. Tushemereirwe project manager20 July 2009 at 11:35 AM

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Dear All. Iam glad to inform you that Resty Mbabazi has completed her tailoring course with your generous support in all dimensions. Your support is already making a difference! Resty can make womens wear in various fashions. She is assisting the trainer in passing on the skills to other vulnerable adolescent girls. We are now soliciting contributions for Resty to have a sewing machine of her own. We thank Vicky Dyer who has already contributed to this noble cause. All your contributions are welcome. Thank you.
L. Tushemereirwe project manager01 May 2009 at 10:18 AM

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Thanks for the positive comment Vicky. We remain hopeful in this fundraising drive! Lauben
V. Dyer 01 May 2009 at 08:49 AM

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That's good news. Best of luck with the rest of your fund raising

A. Nam 02 December 2008 at 05:20 PM
I visited this project in 2006 and learnt about the amazing work within the communities of Rakai and Lyantonde districts. The staff is hard working, and committed to serving the needy families affected and infected by HIV and AIDS. Iam proud to associate with Child Aid Uganda and I trust this project will benefit adolescent girls in a more sustainable manner. Your support will make a very big difference in the targeted families and communities.
V. Dyer 24 November 2008 at 10:27 PM
I visited the Child Aid Uganda team in December 2007. I was shown the various projects they are involved in to care for the vulnerable children of Lyantonde. All members of the group are hard working and dedicated to improving life for people in their district giving much time and energy for nothing. I can guarantee that in supporting this project you will be helping young girls to improve their situation in life.
L. Tushemereirwe project manager11 November 2008 at 10:05 PM
Hello Danielzig, I appreaciate your approach and thank you for having been the first person to ask us a question 2 days after posting the project. We are new on this site and therefore we value your questions and comments. We are still in consultation with our colleagues and will soon put things even more clearer. If you are still in Uganda we shall be glad to horst you at our office in Lyantonde as well as take you in the rural areas where we operate so you can have a feeling of the practical work on ground with our stakeholders and beneficiaries. Thank you once again for your concern. Lauben
(unknown user) 11 November 2008 at 08:39 PM
Dear Mr. Tushemereirwe,
thank you for your detailled answer. I am glad I asked because now things have become much clearer than they were when reading your project description for the first time.
E. g. it is understandable that a uniform including sports wear and school sweater etc. is more costly than a simple dress.
I wish you good luck for this project!
L. Tushemereirwe project manager11 November 2008 at 08:43 AM
Hello Danielzig,

Thank you for asking this brilliant question and thanks for speaking out your mind openly. Iam happy about that. I have the pleasure to respond as follows; We work in two districts of Rakai and Lyantonde which has 23 subcounties and 2 town councils. The 80 girls will be selected from the 23 subcounties and 2 town councils and will attend different schools of their choice in Uganda. The funds asked will cater for the 80 girls to attend school for 4 years. We are sorry the better place format of presenting the budget couldnot allow us provide a detailed breakdown on how much each one would be paid for in a term but we would be glad to send you a detailed budget with unit costs once you send us your email on As stated 89739 Euros is for 80 girls for 4 years. Annually 22435 Euros will be paid for the 80 girls. Each term 93 Euros will be paid for a single girl (1 person). The cost is also inclusive of examinantion fees.

The cost for mathematical sets is also for the 80 girls for 4 years. The unit cost per set is 1 Euro which is less than the 2 Euro you last bought a mathematical set in Uganda. When providing sets to our beneficiaries we take into consideration the risks that may be ecountered during the term for instance the instruments may ware out, break or a set can be easily stolen even within a day by other vulnerable classmates in a school as we can not afford to provide a set to every student in the whole school. Our target is on orphans and other vulnerable children who can not afford to raise money for school fees and scholastic requirements. What do you think?

It is true Uniforms for adolescent girls are more expensive than those of young /small girls.Our quotation (unit cost) for the price of a school uniform is 8 Euro. This includes a skirt and browse for class hours, additional uniform after class and weekends as well as a school sweater and shoes for adolescents. We also put into consideration providing sports wear for our beneficiaries for them not to feel isolated while at school with other students from well to do families. Some schools do not allow additional private clothes and prefer using changing dresses as uniforms. Keep into consideration that all costs in our budget are grand totals for the 80 girls in 4 years. I hope you will find this explanation helpful and please do not hesitate to ask more questions and educate us on some of the issues highlighted in the project. I thank Better Place for providing such a rich interaction with people like you and I trust such a dialogue is developmental to our work and the future generation. Feel free to advise me on how I would have presented the unit costs for the 80 girls (target) for 4 years on the above email. I hope this explanation will help many other people who may be interested in our work. Thank you so much.


Lauben Tushemereirwe
Child Aid Uganda.
(unknown user) 10 November 2008 at 01:01 AM
Dear Sir,
please excuse my asking so openly, but I wonder which kind of schools the 80 girls will attend or for how long the money you ask for is supposed to last.
By now I am probably not the expert you are, but I have gained quite some knowledge about tuition fees at Ugandan schools, even secondary boarding schools, and to be honest the sum of 89739 Euro that you mentioned seems a bit much to me. Maybe you should explain in more detail what will be achieved with this money. Is it for a term, a year or all through secondary school? Does it include all requirements and exam fees?
Also the costs for the mathematical sets seem high to me. Do the girls get a new one every year (do the need to get a new one?!) or can they use it for several years once they get one? The last mathematical set I bought in Uganda for one of our sponsored children was just about 2 Euro, as far as I remember, probably even less than that.
There is more I do not understand in your budget. Like the costs for uniforms. I do understand that uniforms for adolescent girls are more expensive than for small children, but when a uniform for a small child costs about 15,000 USh (7,50 Euro), a uniform for an adolescent girl can't possibly cost as much as 62,60 Euro. This would be 8,3 times the price for a primary school uniform. Even though I know prices have risen dramatically in Uganda, this seems too much.
Your more detailled explanations would help here, too.