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Help us with our project for reforestation and integration in Jordan

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In our environment protection project we plant trees and flowers to reforest Jordan. We thereby offer Syrian refugees and poor Jordaniens income opportunities and thus give them independence and empowerment.

E. Schade from Vision Hope International e.V.Write a message

Our international NGO Vision Hope is running two family center in Jordan, aiming to reach Syrian refugees and poor Jordaniens and thereby contribute to society and community solidarity.
In cooperation with Green Dimensions Jordan, an innovative landscape company we will start a pilot project in Jordan as an economical and environmental model.

Only 1% of Jordan is forested!
Therefore our project aims firsthand to reforest the country, by planting local trees, like acacia and pancinsonia as well as natural crops to increase flowering. This is not only a contribution to the climate change in general, but also fighting the aggravated erosion and desertification. We will start with the implementation of a park in Karak, aiming  to be a role model and implement the idea all over the country.

 More than 3 Million refugees in Jordan!
Jordan has the second largest refugee population in the world, which causes social tensions. For syrian refugees expecially in the countryside it is extremely difficult to find employment, as it is already a challenge to the local population. Our project will firsthand offer in a cash for work- manner employment opportunities for Syrians as well as for poor Jordanians in the Karak and Mafraq region. Syrians and Jordaniens will be mobilized together to get active for the country and environment.  Thereby we also aim to change the perception of syrians and increase the social interaction and integration.

Empowerment and Independence through environmental protection!
Once the trees are planted, the project is not done. Together with our partner, we will conduct trainings so the employees know how to nurse the trees and increase the flowering. The community will be in charge of the park and responsible for the plants. On a long term perspective the trees will be used for honey production, which offers additional income opportunities . Especially women will be trained as honey producer, which will enhance their empowerment and independence, and thereby also strengthening their mental health and self confidence. 

So please help us to implement this project and make a change in Jordan! 

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