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Together in Kreuzberg!

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A lot of people who live in our neighborhood need support. Beyond the hipster Kreuzberg, there is a different reality. Let us make sure, everyone has a place in our neighborhood.

Thomas B. from Wassertor e.V. Write a message

What does it take to be respectful and appreciative towards one’s neighborhood and the people who live in it as well as support them if needed?

This is what we’re all about here at the MultiGenerationHouse. We support our neighbors through integrative approach that includes meetups with different activities, counselling and assistance. Our neighbors are encouraged to relax in our MultiGeneration-Community and feel well. Whether they need legal advice, some form of psycho-social support, German lessons, sports activities, or just cooking and eating together, they can find it here. It is our goal that through our support, we can boost the quality of life for people who are in need in our neighborhood. 

We especially value encounters of people from different generations; Elderly people making baklava together with youth, kids and their parents are participating in creating an art piece together, perfect, this is exactly what we want!

Your donation helps us keep our services attractive as well as innovative and expand our work. 

With your donation, you help us invite more people into our MultiGenerationHouse, where they can get counseling and support, learn a new language, participate in a sports program or cook and eat with us.


Beyond the hip Kreuzberg there’s the Wassertor-district, an area that is stamped by simple new buildings from the 1960s-1980s. A lot of the people who live here are on a low-income budget, and the next fact is especially frightening: Children’s poverty is at 80%!

According to the official governmental statistics, there are 419 socio-economically vulnerable quarters in the federal state of Berlin. The worse the socio-economic numbers, the higher the support needed for the district. Wassertor-district has the sad ranking of 417 out of those 419 socio-economically vulnerable districts in Berlin.

The MultiGenerationHouse is located here in the Wassertor-district – a house that has become the primary contact and support point in this district. The neighborhood-philosophy is of great importance to us. We follow the principle of „from neighbors for neighbors“. 

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