Funded Bridge the Gap. Help Children with Special Needs.

An aid project by “BRIGHT START Children's Special Services” (G. Baylon) in Cebu City, Philippines

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G. Baylon (Project Manager)

G. Baylon
BRIGHT START Children's Special Services is a non-profit organization helping children with special needs from low-income families in Cebu City, Philippines.


To provide specialized intervention services and support to low income families who may need assistance in caring for a child with special needs. Children with special needs refer to children who have developmental delays or who have an established condition that has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay.

To support existing public and private institutions or organizations such as health centers, child day cares, schools, and orphanages in promoting early identification and intervention of children with developmental disabilities.

Projects and Activities:

Lecture on the importance of early intervention for children with special needs.

Occupational Therapy Screening in order to identify babies/ children with special needs.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Intervention of identified babies/ children with special needs.

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More information:

Location: Cebu City, Philippines

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