A Community clinic to support the health of kids

An aid project by “House of Love and Hope for Uganda” (L. Nannyonga) in KAMPALA, Uganda

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L. Nannyonga (Project Manager)

L. Nannyonga
House of Love and Hope for Uganda, registered as a community Based Organisation at the District and its Number is CD 5280. It was registered on 12:03:2007.
We are working in partnership with Sos-Kinderhilfe-Uganda under the help of Mr Roland Schmidt the Director of that Organisation in Germany. They look for foster parents, send used materials like clothes,shoes, and many other things.
We started the organisation after seeing many kids in the community
dont go to school because of the poor status of their families.We are working 5 very active people and we have found out that as much as we are doing the work to support Education, we need to look at the health of our people. That is why we want to construct
a clinic near the school where we offer our services. This project with help the HIV and AIDS kids and people in the community.
This project will benefit the community since the services will be free.

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Location: KAMPALA, Uganda

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