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Funded Donate for parking space & driveway to inclusive sport & culture activities

A project from TABALiNGO Sport & Kultur integrativ e.V.
in Stolberg, Germany

Donate for constructing a parking space for the inclusive culture & sport activities of TABALiNGO Sport & Kultur integrativ. Better accessibility for kids, adolescents and adults with and without handicap: Supporting inclusion and participation.

K. Espeter
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TABALiNGO Sport & Kultur integrativ is a charity organization in the Euregio Aachen (European region in Germany), offering inclusive sports & culture activities for people with & without handicap. TABALiNGO offers natural participation for people with and without handicap in sports and cultural activities. More than 350 participants practice 12 kinds of sports and 2 kinds of culture activities in weekly training courses, in total more than 1,200 courses per year. Addionally our weekend and holiday projects are greatly enjoyed. The great premises in the outskirt of Stolberg provide 3 small sport fields and 2 gyms and a bouldering and outside playing area. But a decent driveway and especially parking spaces are missing. To construct a new driveway and nature embedded parking spaces we need financing.

The construction of the parking spaces shall be emdedded in the natural environment. Therfor it will consist of a grit layer permeable to water, compacted to make it passable for cars and wheelchairs. Trees and bushes will be protected by small fences and foundlings. Nesting boxes shall provide breeding space for birds. With these parking spaces it will be possible to get close to and safely onto the area. So participants can on a short and in a protected way reach the TABALiNGO activities.

Our motto is culture and sport without pressure to perform. We bring people, especially children into cultural and sporting activities that otherwise don't have this opportunity due to a variety of reasons. E.g. we enable people from a socially challenging environment to participate and thus open inclusive joining in with handicapped people. The age span ranges from four to over seventy years, men and women, boys and girls practice together and also people from all four corners of the world. This integration has brought many people to us, and still does. We also have installed our own transport service, because otherwise many kids would not be able to come. For over two years now, our participants are missing a driveway and parking spaces. This is unsafe and burdensome. Especially our participants with mobility impairment and wheelchair users would be happy to have a new driveway and close by parking spaces that will increase accessibility for all.

You can find more information about us, our activities, and also on current news, under - visit us! Also in news here at you can find some of our activities. Or on our freely accessible page on facebook or in our app for Android and Apple IOS. Here we keep you updated with pictures, small videos and information about our activities. 

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