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Closed Solar Schools - support students and teachers without energy access!

We want to help students and teachers in Kamonyi, Rwanda to build a better, sustainable future for themselves. Solar lights are a clean and safe alternative to harmful kerosene lamps in regions without access to electricity.

Eva B. from Little Sun Foundation e. V.Write a message

Imagine having no light, being unable to read after dark or to charge your phone.

What is the project about?
This project supports students and teachers in Kamonyi District, Rwanda with clean, safe and sustainable solar light and phone charging. Students get a portable solar lamp, which makes it easier for them to study after dark and therefore more likely to complete their education. Teachers receive a solar phone charger with an integrated light so that they can connect to the internet, do their lesson planning, and communicate both with parents and with their own families, who are sometimes far away.

What is the problem?
Energy is central to social and economic well-being, yet 1 in 7 people live without access to electricity. (That’s roughly 1.1 billion people in total around the world.) Developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, have the highest number of people living without connection to the electrical grid.

Where do we work?
Kayonza Primary School is located in a region with no electricity, poor infrastructure and a shortage of qualified teachers.

Energy access is a huge challenge in Kamonyi, Rwanda. Families are still using harmful kerosene lanterns or torches. The kids are exposed to the toxic fumes or have no light at all and cannot do their homework after dark. The school teachers use their phones for lighting, but need to travel far to charge them. Sometimes it takes a whole day to get to the next village, wait there while their phone charges, and come back.

Together with the Rwandan Ministry of Education, we have selected the first schools to work with. This February we have already supported five schools in Kamonyi. The feedback was extremely positive, but we realised we need to do more.

How you can help!
Now, we need your help, so that Kayonza Primary School can become a Solar School! Your donation instantly helps a student or a teacher at Kayonza Primary School in Kamonyi. Our goal is to provide the whole school - 640 children and 20 teachers - with clean, powerful and long-lasting light and power.

Thank you,

The Little Sun Foundation and the students and teachers of Kayonza Primary School

Further Information:

The distribution is planned for October 2018. We will bring the lamps and phone chargers to Kamonyi and our local partner Safer Rwanda will provide training for the teachers, students and parents. Two months later, Safer Rwanda will do a monitoring visit and we will share the results with our funders.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: +49 30 200 039 141.

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