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Fight against childhood brain cancer #DIPGfighter

München, Germany

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Fight against childhood brain cancer #DIPGfighter

München, Germany

Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a malignant brain tumor affecting young children. Most children die within few months after diagnosis. There is no cure. We intend to change that.

Alexander B. from Stiftung für Innovative Medizin | 
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About this project

Brain tumors are the most common cause of death in children. Particularly bad is the diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). There is no cure or substantial life-prolonging treatment for this tumor. 90% of affected children die within the first 18 months after diagnosis.

Lina also lost the fight against the tumor. The girl died at the age of only 7 years. Together with Lina's parents, the Foundation for Innovative Medicine is taking up the fight against the DIPG: A new research project at the Dr. von Haunerschen Children's Hospital in Munich brings hope. Here, a technology is being developed that could significantly speed up the therapy for childhood brain tumors. So far, it is difficult to predict which drugs can cross the so-called blood-brain barrier (BBB) and thus penetrate the brain. The new approach starts with a life-like model of the BBB. This is used in the laboratory to test which drugs can overcome the BBB. Brain tumors can be treated more efficiently and more effectively with the substances identified in this way.

Although brain tumors are the most common cause of death of children in Germany, many types of childhood brain tumors are among the rare diseases. These are diseases for which there is hardly any funding from the state or the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, the Foundation for Innovative Medicine has launched a fundraising campaign to drive this research project forward.

The campaign and the funded research project should finally give the affected children and their families hope for effective therapy options.

Please support the fight against DIPG - thank you!

Your donation will be used exclusively for the specified needs: laboratory consumables and small equipment purchases. The donations will NOT cover any administrative costs.

Updated at 18. March 2020

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