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PV off grid system for rural electrification in Indonesia

bibis, Gunung Kidul, Indonesia

PV off grid system for rural electrification in Indonesia

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Our main goal in this project is not only to help people in Bibis village but also to transfer knowledge about PV off grid system to similar places.

F. Josopandojo from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.Write a message


Indonesia is a fast growing developing country, but today Indonesia still has around 13.000 villages which are not yet electrified, because a lot of investment is needed to expand the power grid and also to build new power plants. Even in villages with installed power infrastructure not all people can benefit from it, because a lot of poor people can’t afford the cable connections to their houses or in many cases not able to pay for the electricity bill. Bibis village in Gunung Kidul is one concrete example for this. In this village some people have electricity in their houses, some people “buy” electricity from their neighbors for lower price and some other people are still using kerosene lamps and candles for lighting purposes, which can be dangerous for user’s lungs (by frequent use in closed room). Furthermore, lightings from candles and oil lamps are often not sufficient for some activities at home, so that more problems such as decline of sight at early age can also be caused. 

A micro off grid Photovoltaic plant is surely the best solution for this problem because it is clean, independent flexible and produces free energy. We are planning to install one PV-plant for every house and combining them with efficient LED lamps. This off grid PV-set can produce energy to power the LED lights (indoor) for 6 to 12 hours per day and extra 4 hours for outdoor lighting. Beside that, we are also going to choose a sufficient battery capacity so that the plant can always produce energy even in bad weather (max. for around 4 rainy days, security of supply, no blackout). In autumn 2018 our team will travel to Indonesia and work together with our partner (Rumah Energi). At first we are going to install 3 PV-Set at the Training Center of our partner. Through a small workshop we are going to train our partner on how to choose, assemble and mount the plants components. After that we will be implementing the theory into practice where we install 20 set PV plants for 20 chosen households in Bibis village. 


Our main goal in this project is not only to help people in Bibis village but also to transfer knowledge so that more similar projects (in higher quantity throughout Indonesia) can be implemented in the near future. We trust our Indonesian project partner (Rumah Energi) because they are known to have so many experience on spreading and implementing the use of renewable energy technology in rural areas (implementation of more than 20.000 micro biogas plant in Indonesia).

We are happy to answer any questions and would be grateful for your support/donations!

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