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Suicide region in India: Vidarbha Peace Project

Viele Bauern begehen in Zentraliniden Suizid, weil sie zu wenig Geld mit dem Verkauf ihrer Erzeugnisse verdienen. Dieses Projekt soll den Bauern zu einem direkten Marktzugang und damit höherem Einkommen und einem Leben in Frieden und Würde verhelfen.

D. Straub from Eine Welt LeipzigWrite a message

Over the past 20 years, more than 300,000 farmers have committed suicide throughout India. The situation is particularly blatant in the central India, in a region called Vidarbha. This region is known as suicide epidemic. Often the small farmers in this agricultural region hardly earn anything by selling the cotton or also known as "white gold".
 This is where our pilot project with organization “Eine Welt e.V”. Leipzig wants to start. With an objective to improve the value chain of cotton farmers, to enable them to produce the final product with their own raw material at their own doorstep, we are working to set up a training and production facility in the village Dhanoli, which is located far away from the urban infrastructure, together with the residents so that the farmers can process their products - the raw material cotton - into finished fabrics and textiles.
Last year, we chose Dhanoli because this village had almost all the serious problems with cotton cultivation combined and suicides:
Many inhabitants (except for over 200) from the village have migrated, there is hardly any infrastructure (the village is cut off from the river) and many farmers suffer from high credit debts.
To share with the residents of this project we need your help for the following materials and resources:
- Spinning wheels (3 pieces): 650 euros
- Hand looms (7 pieces): about 2800 Euro
- Bobbin Charkha (7 pieces): about 270 euros
- loom (2 pieces): 775 euros
- Yarn for training (150kg): 1050 euros
- Transport / installation: 190 euros
- Wages of the trainer: 385 euros

The participating farmers are trained by a trainer on the machines for three months. In the meantime, we are working to build a network of customers. The cotton products are then to be bought both in India and, for example, by fair trade companies from Germany.