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Jugendbegegnung im Zug - Von Wuppertal über Moskau nach Peking (Pfadfinder)

We want to organize a 5-week youth exchange in a train in a fixed project group. We want to travel from Wuppertal to Beijing and meet scouts in Russia, Mongolia and China on the way.

M. Prinz from Freundes- und Förderkreis des KreuzpfadfinderbundWrite a message

We are a scout group from Wuppertal and would like to experience international scouting by meeting scouts in Russia, Mongolia and China. We will take the train from Wuppertal to Beijing and meet with other scout groups along the train tracks. In this way, we hope to create new impulses for our group work in Wuppertal.
At the same time, the preparation and travel time should be used to get acquainted with the culture of the individual countries. In doing so, differences but above all similarities should be emphasized.
The cooperation of all participants to facilitate the journey is as much a part of the project as the journey itself. Already, the project group has come together and designed a timetable for implementation. Through our commitment, we want to show what can be achieved through hard work and motivation and, after our project, bring the motivation gained into  our respective scout groups. Through our commitment we therefore directely  promote the youth work in Wuppertal!

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