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Closed Mobilise legal aid on Chios (Greece)!

Help Refugee Law Clinics Abroad finance a van to be able to continue our work usefully on Chios (Greece) and facilitate legal information and aid for refugees at the hotspot

Robert N. from Equal Rights Beyond BordersWrite a message

Support us improving access to legal information and aid at the hotspot on Chios, Greece

Refugee Law Clinics Abroad train young lawyers and law students in European asylum law that is applied at the EU hotspots like the camp on Chios, Greece. The legal volunteers provide applicants with information about their asylum procedure and in particular their interview and assists in family reunification proceedings. Find more information about the organisation and the project on our website at

Our work on Chios is at the moment mainly carried out in our office and several centers in town where people can spend their free time and escape the camp for some hours. The camp is a 15 minutes car drive from town and only limited numbers of people can come to town by a shuttle service. We currently drive to the camp on a regular basis and have been counselling outside in front of the camp as still only very few NGOs are allowed inside. The onset of winter and hence constant rain make it impossible to advise in the open but many people are not able to get to town. We therefore urgently need a possibility to meet clients close to the camp Vial 

For this reason we are planning in the short run to hire a van that provides for some shelter from the weather and a relatively confidential area allowing for conversations in a more protected setting. We will hold our meetings with clients in the car close to the camp and thereby secure the access for people from the camp directly as well as provide for a more confidential counselling situation. Long term we are plannung to purchase a van that can later also serve as an additional means of transportation allowing for clients to meet us in town in exceptional circumstances. In case the fundraising target is unfortunately not reached, the funds raised so far will go towards transportation between camp and town in a different way.

We have now shortlisted some options for a van and are currently comparing the options, planning the hire as well as the purchase and are contacting the potential sellers. As soon as we chose a car, we will post updates! To stay in the loop, sign up for our email updates!