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Learning Instead of Working

Bulee, Wa East District, Ghana

Learning Instead of Working

Bulee, Wa East District, Ghana

The project named "learning instead of working" in the villages of Bulee One and Bulee Two aims to provide education and a brighter future for around 350 local children.

João Paulo Fernandes Marques from eaubiquity e.V. | 
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About this project

About This Project
The project named "Learning instead of working" in the villages of Bulee One and Bulee Two aims to provide a better future for around 350 local children through proper education.
Background: in August 2017 eaubiquity, together with the Pronet North team, visited to the Wa East District in northern Ghana to distribute clothes donated by our German supporters. After a one-hour drive from Pronet North HQ in Wa, we arrived at the village of Bulee which during the rainy season is divided by a river into the villages of Bulee One and Bulee Two. 
The people from Bulee live mostly from agriculture with many children working on the fields, too. At the time when we arrived at the meeting point, the village church which at the same time serves as a provisional school (more like a carport) was initially hosting only a few people. However, over the next half-hour more and more people came to see and welcome us.
The villagers had not been informed beforehand that we would bring some donations. They were just curious and rejoiced over the "new" faces. We got into conversations with the people there and got to know the tribal elders and the pastor, who is also currently the teacher.
As described above there are about 350 children in this community who either do not or only seldom attend school. There is a very distant school (around 7km) and the mentioned provisional school which at the same time serves as a church.

Currently the pastor is working there as a teacher and is compensated by our partner organization Pronet North with about 16 Euro per month. Furthermore, Pronet North has provisionally set up school benches and a blackboard, which are only partially used due to the lack of teachers.
Our goal is to build a school for Bulee and its children. An education center in Bulee, with a small neighbourhood for a trained teacher, would allow the district chair to file a request for a teacher. Thus, the children of the village community have a chance for a better future through a school education.
This time again we plan to document the progress on the spot so that all donors can follow and see how their support translates into actual results.

Help us to offer the children from Bulee a proper education. If you are interested and for maximum transparency we are happy to send all donors the cost structure for the construction of the school and the secondary district.
Thank you and do not forget: We are all one :)