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Funded Women's Diversity Workshop- an Integration Project for Women

A project from Buntes Meißen Bündnis Zivilcourage e.V.
in Meißen, Germany

The Women's Diversity Workshop offers refugee, immigrant and local women a safe meeting-place. It encourages creative exploration, helps them actively learn German, and provides support as they adjust to their new lives.

S. Bogin
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About this project

What does the project aim to achieve?

Many of the women and girls settling in Germany, after fleeing their home countries, come from cultures where it is customary that outside of the home men and women socialize in separate spaces.   

In the Women’s Diversity Workshop, we take these special conditions into consideration. Here the women find familiarity in a space that allows them to meet each other outside their homes, and provides easy access to learning and networking.

What does the Women’s Diversity Workshop offer the women?

A safe space, where they can be who they are. Where they can connect with themselves and with others, where they can have fun, celebrate, laugh, and cry sometimes too. 
A community where they find strength and support. A place where they can seek help. A community that trusts them, and that they have grown to trust.  
An unconventional language and learning workshop, where they can try out different courses, and learn German playfully through movement and activity. Also accessible to those who are not able to participate in state sponsored programs.   
Mothers with small children at home come to us because they are unable to attend language courses in our town. There are no official language courses that offer childcare, and there are not enough kindergarten places.
The Women’s Diversity Workshop offers mothers the opportunity to bring their children with them.  
Who is active in the project? 

The women come from many different countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. They are young and old, mothers and grandmothers. 

Nine German women from Meißen and the surrounding area are the core team of course leaders. We bring a wide variety of experiences and professions with us, including; a painter, an actor, a writer, a yoga teacher, a language mediator, a sports-coach, and a social worker. And we are all learning too. 

Why do we need your support?

Our  project is 90% financed by the State of Saxony and the SAB. Your donations will go towards the remaining 10% that are required to fullfull our funding requirements. Donations will be put towards all project goals.