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Clean Hands and Water for Every School Day!

Kitale, Kenya

Clean Hands and Water for Every School Day!

Kitale, Kenya

Children are the real victims but also the true ambassadors of the effects of school sanitation in Kenya. Accessibility to water and hygienic toilets improves their wellbeing, school performance and learning environment for holistic development!

Grace K Nurek, Hand of Progress e.V. from Hand of Progress e.V. | 
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About this project

School Sanitation, Water and Hygiene (WASH) in rural Kenya

Hand of Progress e.V. is a non-profit organization working towards improving school sanitation by making it more hygienic and accessible for the wellbeing of children.  We focus on schools because they play a central role in breaking the vicious cycle of diseases caused by unsafe sanitation, hygiene and drinking water among under-aged children. We help protect learning spaces from awful latrine odours and the environment from further faecal contamination.

Covid19 pandemic has increased the urgency of proper hygiene in vulnerable schools which do not have hand-washing facilities and water. Currently, more than 3000 children in five boarding schools in Kitale and West Pokot, Kenya are waiting for our help.  These children have to fetch water outside their school compounds to meet their basic hygiene needs . 

We support
  • the construction of sustainable sanitary facilities,
  • the digging and storage of fresh water from boreholes and rainwater,
  • construction and maintenance of wastewater disposal systems.

Which Schools?

How can you support us?
  • Donations - regular financial support is imperative for advancing our work.  
  • Become a recurring sponsoring member.  This helps us to plan in advance for better results.
  • Donations in kind.  We need tools and building equipment on site. Please contact us.
  • Technical support and reports from other projects in the field!
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