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Unity Effect Vision and Organisational Development

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Our mission is to create the conditions for conscious social innovation to happen, working from the inside out. We support the next generation of leaders, changemakers & conscious entrepreneurs to step up & start co-creating our future.

Jannik K. from Unity Effect e.V.Write a message

Some months back we, Emily (26) and Jannik (28) decided to take a leap of faith and start our own organization, even if it meant leaving shores of a safe job.
Our ambition is to create an (Teal-) organization founded on and developed through deep trust. 

Why did we decide that a new organization is needed?
Our generation is the next in line to lead and navigate through the complex social, environmental and economic challenges we are currently facing. And we are ready to step up and take responsibility.

At Unity Effect we believe the future is already here and that we already have everything we need to change the world.

There’s no shortage of innovative ideas and motivated future leaders. Yet we need a new approach to leadership. We need leaders who are curious, courageous and ready to develop pioneering capacities and approaches needed to navigate the ever increasing uncertainty and complexity of our times.

Our mission is to create the conditions for conscious social innovation to successfully happen, working from the inside out. We support the next generation of social innovators, conscious entrepreneurs and brave change makers to step up and start co-creating our future.

And what is it that we now do specifically?
We link & synergize transformational leadership with systems awareness. We offer pathways to inner & for outer transformation, and we form groups & communities of like-minded people. One example is our conscious social innovation program that we will pilot in February 2018.
Another centerpiece is to build a movement for listening together with Raquel Ark from ListeningALCHEMY. We want to shine light on listening as a powerful leadership capacity for us as individuals and in groups. These are our current projects with listening as key aspect:
- The Tannenbusch House: A case study & model for transition, Teal and a listening community.
A global listening platform: A meeting point for people who want to integrate listening into what they already do to take their work to a new level. Our vision is to start and sustain a listening movement.

How can you become part of our vision and support us?
New partnerships and ideas: We are always curious about new possibilities to further our mission.

Financial support, including monthly donations: Since we are non-profit and community-based, we are looking people who support us financially, supporting the organization's independence. We are especially thankful for monthly donations that enable us to invest in concrete projects and build up our organizational structures more efficiently. 

We invite you to partner with Unity Effect and be a part of developing transformational leadership and co-creating our future more consciously.

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