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Funded Help for Regina Coeli Hospital

Regina Coeli, Zimbabwe

Funded Help for Regina Coeli Hospital

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Regina Coeli needs your support! In order to keep the hospital able to support the local community - including pregnant women, stationary treatment, and lifelong care for AIDS patients - we need your help.

F. Hutmacher from Missionsdominikanerinnen v. heiligsten Herzen JesuWrite a message

Together with the Dominican Sisters of Strahlfeld, Germany, we kindly ask for your support for the Regina Coeli Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.
As medical students, each of us got the chance to visit the hospital headed by the Dominican Sisters for several weeks. The hospital is located in the East of Zimbabwe in a remote and rural area neighboring Mozambique. It is the only Hospital within a radius of about 100 kilometres and essential for the peoples' medical supply. Pregnant women, accident victims or Malaria-patients - the 120 beds of the hospital are always well filled. There is also an outpatients' department, ensuring the treatment of about 40 visitors per day, mainly with chronic diseases.

The financial situation of the hospital is precarious. Neither the state nor NGOs give hardly any support. Even though a day at the hospital costs only a few dollars - just like most of the medication - many patients are unable to pay for their treatment. Nevertheless, the hospital tries to provide an adequate therapy for everyone. That is why some people even travel as far as 265 kilometres from the capital, Harare, looking for a treatment they can pay for. Because of all these circumstances, the hospital strongly relies on private donors.

First of all, your money is needed to keep the hospital running. During the past months, the hospital lost quite a lot of qualified workers due to a lack of money for the salaries - now there's only one doctor left, who is responsible for all patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Drugs that are essential for the maternity ward are always endangered of being out of stock. Just a few dollars can help to relieve this distress.

The staff fights these adverse conditions day by day. Every week, the team meets in order to improve the processes and work sequences. But there is also a huge lack of machines that would help to find the live saving procedure in some cases. There is a big wish for a chemical analyser. That would help to measure basic blood values giving clues for finding the right diagnosis.

We would like to thank you for your interest in this campaign. Please share this with your friends, relatives and colleagues. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Felix Hutmacher, Katja Mayer and Wiebke Böhmer

Special thanks to Firmin Forster who allowed us to use his pictures for this campaign.

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