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Medicine scholarship for Genesis - a gift that secures the future

Managua, Nicaragua

Since 2020, Genesis has been receiving a full-time scholarship to study medicine in Nicaragua. It enables her to achieve a skilled occupation seldom occupied by women. Support the committed student!

Lea-Sophie Kern from Puente Nica e.V.
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Our scholarship holder: Génesis Deyanira Balladares

Age: 18
University: Universidad Autónoma Nicaragüense
Course of study: Medicine
Start of studies: since 2019
Donation goal: to finance the scholarship (12 x 120 €) for 2021

About Genesis: She comes from a small village about 2.5 hours from the Nicaraguan capital Managua. After she had already studied medicine for a year, applied for the scholarship. Due to the poor financial situation of her family, she could not have continued her studies without support, despite very good performance.
After completing her studies, Génesis would like to work in pediatrics to improve medical care for children, especially in her home village.
In addition to her excellent study results, Genesis is characterized by her great social commitment: she works voluntarily in a public hospital while studying.

About the scholarship "Enrique Schmidt" in Nicaragua

Who and how do we sponsor?
  • Financially weak Nicaraguans
  • With the same qualification women and applicants from rural areas are preferred
  • The scholarship holders are socially involved
  • 120 € / month: enrollment fees, travel, copying, study materials, lunch
  • We are currently supporting 8 young Nicaraguans (Martha - Nursing; Jexson - Medicine; Katherine - Zootechnology; Isamar - Pharmacy; Amelia - Engineering; Darling - Translation; Eymie - Education, Languages, Physics; Danny - Computer Science)

How is this funded?