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An aid project by “Montemoz” (L. Fritsch) in Quelimane, Mozambique

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L. Fritsch (Project Manager)

L. Fritsch
I am living in Mozambique now since five years and in my job as a Sozial Public Relation Manager of a Mining company I had the possibility to make field studies, especially in the rural areas. It is a shame, that the children there have less chances than in the cities (even the education in the cities is not that good as well).
Many organizations and companies built schools and passed (and still do) them over to the government. But this means, that the government now has a lot of schools, but no teachers. So for the rural areas, anybody who can read, write and knows math’s a little can be a so-called “helping teacher”. Children go to school in shifts. The teachers have absolute no idea of teaching. They only write something on the board and let the children repeat it. That’s all. But this is not teaching.
It is also horrible, that it is usual to beat the children or humble them in this or the other way, to let them knee for hours or lock them into a dark, windowless room.
I want to open up a Montessori School, in which the primary language will be English, the secondary then Portuguese (or, if wanted, further languages like French, Italian, German). There will also be the offer to learn informatics and different kind of sports, like swimming, basketball, judo, etc.). A privat school. A school, where the rich people (and there are a lot of them) can send their children.
The school should start with Kindergarten (3 years up) and should go to the 12th grade. All together the school should have space for 75 children.
I want to get a child from a poor family into the school for free each year (I do have psychological tests, which will prove the mental possibilities of this child). And to guide this child up to university or, if necessary even until this student finished university. This means, that within 15 years I will have 15 children for free at school. This will cost a lot, and the money for it will come out of the fees of the other parents. There might also be a possibility to offer a scholarship to ones with special gifts.
I am counting on the so-called “chessboard effect”. And I am shure, that it will realize.

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Location: Quelimane, Mozambique

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