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Support the relocation of the campus radio Kölncampus

The college radio station Kölncampus needs to move. We want to support them by donating money for the expensive technological relocation.

C. Blefgen from Freunde & Förderer des Hochschulradios KölncampusWrite a message

Kölncampus is a college & training radio by students for students - with student topics and music far off the mainstream. Since the launch in 2002 the association has grown constantly and has enabled the successful career start of many members.

After 3.5 years, Kölncampus has to move out of the ‘SSC’ again. The new building of the University of Cologne has suffered severe water damage in 2014. The editorial staff only found out about the upcoming move by incidence, when the project manager Max wanted to enquire about bigger and more suitable premises. The university had forgotten the college radio station while planning the restructuring and renovation of the building.

The editorial association Campus-Welle Köln e.V. has 650 members. At least 100 young radio broadcasters design the programme actively and on their own authority: moderation, editorial work and music are only a few of their task areas. Even for such an active association, a station’s relocation means huge challenges. The university supports the ‘normal’ part of the move and has set up the new rooms for the new technical infrastructure. The editorial association takes care of the renovation and the furnishing of the new apartment – painting, laying carpet, setting up the kitchen,…

The operating agency (Trägerverein) Kölncampus e.V. is the organisation of colleges in Cologne that support Kölncampus. But even this association reaches its limits – especially, because the antenna, that Kölncampus uses to stream their program, needs to be purchased to maintain it.

This campaign is organised by the Förderverein (booster club). We are alumnis that care about the continued existence of the radio station. We want to support Kölncampus with their relocation. The last move was a little bit rough – the technological consequences are still noticeable. Servers crashed, the broadcast system failed and the editorial team had to broadcast an ‘emergency programme’ for over a year.

To avoid such trouble and consequences this year, Thum + Mahr is supposed to implement the technological relocation. The company had planned and set up the move before the last one. It was perfect, but costly. Unfortunately, there is no documentation about the set-up of the former transmission chain. With the technological implementation by Thum + Mahr, the documentation is supposed to be made properly so future moves will only need as much as a third of the costs for this one.
 The three associations behind the college radio are not able to cover these immense costs. Therefore, we as the booster club want to donate 5.000 euros for this mission. 

Parts of the technological move can be financed from the 23rd of October on: 2 technicians take care of the de-installation of the studio equipment and provide the packaging, set up the mixing console, install and take care of the rewiring of both studios and the server room.  

After 4 weeks, Kölncampus is supposed to be on air again! 

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