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Clean Drinking Water for Climate Vulnerable Southern Bangladesh

Dacope, Bangladesh

Clean Drinking Water for Climate Vulnerable Southern Bangladesh

Dacope, Bangladesh

We want to provide permanent access to clean drinking water for people in vulnerable areas. Donations are used to install low-tech water filters, repair & upgrade existing filters, and to train local workers to operate the systems independently.

Mara Z. from ASCEND e.V. | 
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About this project

What is the problem?
Today in Dacope, Bangladesh, over half of the population lack access to clean water. Drinking water sources are extremely saline and often contaminated or located so far away that hours of travel (by foot) are required to secure daily water needs, in areas often ravaged by storms and flooding. The WHO estimates that four out of five cases of child mortality in the area are related to contaminated drinking water. The lack of access to clean water leads to increased rates of disease, lower attendance rates at school and work, and a drastic reduction in overall life quality.

What do we want to achieve?
Provide a stable supply of clean, accessible drinking water for as many citizens as possible. Train local people for the regular maintenance and repair of water filter systems. Establish a local financing system in which all users contribute small amounts for the upkeep of the filters and to pay the operators.

How does the project help?
Direct benefits

Citizens will suffer fewer health problems associated with contaminated drinking water. The working class will miss fewer workdays and have a more regular income. Time spent on freshwater collection will be drastically reduced for women and children, improving school attendance and education. Child mortality will be significantly reduced.

Indirect benefits
The project will train local people and build know-how for independent maintenance and repair of water filtration systems – rather than depend on external funding agents and charitable organizations. Critical jobs will be created in the water sector, staffed by local operators who will learn the skills necessary to manage the system long after termination of the project. This knowledge is then owned by local citizens, who can transfer to neighboring villages.

Why Bangladesh?
At ASCEND our goal is simple: help people in need, regardless of where this help is needed. Click here to learn more about us!
For the selection of our first projects in Bangladesh, however, the local connection of our Bangladeshi team members, existing networks and local knowledge were critical factors. Several of our members come from some of the poorest regions of Bangladesh in the southwestern coastal region of the country. Frequent contact with community members in the project area provides a deep understanding of the problems on the ground and an additional local support for our partner organizations.

How can you help?
Our project is designed in such a way that a one-time donation of €5.30 ($6.00) affords one Bangladeshi long-term access to clean drinking water. Donations will be used to install low-tech community based water filters, repair & upgrade existing slow sand filters, install rain water harvesting & treatment systems in critical community place like Schools, and to train selected community people to operate the water treatment facilities independently.

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