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Our school is helping us! COVID-19 initiative for support in lockdown

Nairobi, Kenya

The schools in Kenya will remain closed until December. The children of our school live in very precarious conditions. With our COVID-19 initiative we try to provide their families with the most basic necessities: food, soap and learning materials.

W. Witt from WIR GESTALTEN e.V. | 
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About this project

Uzimatele means "the full life" in Swahili. This is the motto of the elementary school in Gituamba, a slum in Nairobi. Since 7 years 250 children can go to school here, who were previously denied access to education because the next school is many kilometers away. 
But now all schools in Kenya are closed because of the Corona measures. The children who come to Uzimatele Primary School live in very precarious conditions. For them, not attending school also means that they do not get their only warm meal. Therefore, we have launched a short-term relief action to provide at least the families with whom we have contact with with the most basic necessities: food, hygiene articles, learning materials. The support, including the distribution of the relief supplies, is done in close coordination with the Kenyan board of directors and the local authorities.
Updated at 15. October 2020