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Castle Herwartstein for our children

In Königsbronn soll Heimatgeschichte für Kinder auf einem Spielplatz erlebbar gemacht werden. Ziel ist es, ein Spielgerät anzuschaffen, das die Burg Herwartstein aus dem 11. Jh. symbolisiert. Das Spielgerät ist für Kinder von 2 - 99 Jahre konzipiert!

M. Bielke from Königsbronner BürgerstiftungWrite a message

The parents desire to finance a play structure realized as a wooden castle. This wooden castle will symbolize the Castle Herwartstein, built in the 11th century in Königsbronn. Today, there is only a castle ruin. Legend still has it that the mistress of the castle – Countess Anna von Helfenstein – fondly called “Schlüsselbergin” by the local Königsbronn people, did many good deeds for the poor people and gifted them with bread and money on the day of holy Veit (Vitus). The local cleric should fulfill this task after her death. If he ever forgets his duty, she will personally revive and urge him to do so. This tradition is still followed in Königsbronn and every year children attend church in honor of their “Schlüsslbergin”.

Königsbronn has a rich history. The local cultural association and many citizens together with the local township get involved for the preservation of the cultural heritage. This link to home should pass over to the youngest of Königsbronn. Every plant needs a root to flourish – so do our children.

Lia Reyna has dedicated the song “Helden sein!” to the children. It would be gorgeous to see them rush through the moat as princess or Robin Hood and call this stronghold their own.

The project amounts to 50.000,00 Euro. A part has already be financed by parents. To realize the project the initiative is missing the rest.