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Funded Training of health care workers in Ecuador

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The inhabitants of Chimborazo will be trained as health care workes to help their sick neighbors. Help train two health promoters for one year with only 30 € per month!

M. Gotzen from Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk action medeor e.V.Write a message

Health care is the most important - every where!

Chimborazo is the second poorest province in Ecuador with the highest percentage of indigenous population. Within the mostly remote areas in the Anden medicare is difficult to maintain. The few health centres spread far from each other and can only be reached after hour long walks. The facilities are mostly inadequate and access to medicine difficult.
The training of local health care workers will take the indigenous worldview and their understanding od health care into consideration. The training will link traditional healing methods with western school medicine. These health care workers will learn how to prepare natural medicine, which is less cost intensive and enjoys a high reputation among the indigenous population and accessible for th poorer population.
Additionals health care workers will establish small health care centers within their communities to supply th basic medical care.
On communal land gardens will be laid out grow plants will provide the raw material for indigneous healing methods.

The project will reach 55.000 people in 220 indigenous communities.

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