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Funded Healing Spaces - A Symposium on Construction, Environment and Healing

Chamchamal, Iraq

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Funded Healing Spaces - A Symposium on Construction, Environment and Healing

Chamchamal, Iraq

Last year, a healing garden was built in Kurdistan. The garden boasts stables made of clay, a biogas plant and a water treatment system. Together with our partners we are planning a symposium for the opening.

Leif H. from Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights | 
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About this project

INFO: Due to the closure of the airports in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, a reaction to the independence referendum held two weeks ago, we had to postpone the opening and symposium (see news). We'll determine a new date as soon as we have information about when the airports reopen.

A healing garden for severely traumatised children and youth was built in Kurdistan, North-Iraq. This unique project was realized in the city of Chamchamal, where decades of oppression, displacement, malnourishment and social neglect left a dysfunctional society. The garden will contribute towards re-establishing structures and provide a positive perspective for children.
The garden is a project of the Jiyan Foundation, that combines different elements. Foremost, it is about psychological support aided by animal-assisted and garden therapy. Linking the historic use of clay as a source material for buildings in the region, stables have been erected utilizing this ecological material. A biogas plant makes use of the waste products that the garden produces, providing clean energy for the project. And finally, a water treatment facility will turn one million liters of wastewater from nearby households into clean water for irrigation and consumption by the animals each day. For further information, please visit
Together with the engineers from BORDA, a German NGO specialized in building sanitary systems, Roswag Architects and the Institute of Architecture at the TU Berlin, the project had been made reality. 
The first part was finished in the Spring of this year, with the animals moving into their stables and garden plots being cultivated. The official opening is planned for October 9 and 10. A symposium will bring together international experts, such as the architects and engineers, with academics, local experts, politicians and representatives from NGOs where they’ll get into conversation on the technologies used in the garden, and other solutions for the water and environmental challenges faced by the region. The symposium will take place at Charmo University in Chamchamal. 
We are receiving support among others from the aid agency Misereor and the foundation Wings of Hope, as well as other partners. EUR 25,000 have already been made available for the symposium. However, not all costs are covered and thus we are looking for additional support for some of the needs.
Updated at 18. June 2019