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Visa for Women and three Kids from Aleppo to reunite with Father & Husband

Visa for four fled from Aleppo to come to Berlin after almost three years without Father and Husband. All costs have been taken by private donaters. Otherwise: no family gathering for at least another two years.

A. Tölke from be an angel e.V.Write a message

Bakri has been in Berlin for two years. Fled from Aleppo. Be an Angel has broughhis wife Rahaf and the three children to Turkey from Syria via Lebanon in Dec. 2015. For two years we have been supporting the family: food, accommodation. Bakri has received subsidiary protection, after 1 1/2 years (!), Family reunion is suspended. Action against the decision of the BAMF has been filed. At least 1.5 years for a decision. They he would be four years without his children, who are not allowed to go to school in Turkey.
We do not want that! Therefore we collect for Bakri, Rahaf, the two daughters and the son. For a commitment confirmation. This means that the four can come from Turkey with a visa to Germany, can stay safe for five years. All costs are taken over by private persons. According to legal requirements, this amounts to € 2,200 for the four. We have signed a sponsor of the foreigners' office, we have a circle of sponsors, who participate with quite individual monthly amounts. To date, sponsors have come together for 1,500 € a month.
When Bakri gets full refugee status, we will, of course, appeal against the suspended family reunion due to a false decision and then hopefully release the godfathers from their debts. But this is snow from overmorning. Now it's about having a family family.