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An aid project by “Asociación por una mejor Guatemala” (G. Lopez) in Guatemala, Guatemala

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G. Lopez (Project Manager)

G. Lopez
Our project was born from the initiative of mothers and teachers to give their children the opportunity to study and become better men and women.

The people from Association "Asociación por una mejor Guatemala" (Association for a Better Guatemala) collected funds to start the project and build a school in the community were the idea originated. They built 17 classrooms. Now the students can receive their lessons in a decent place, before this, they had no classrooms or received classes in the open.

The schools are built with the help of the community, teachers, students and companies near the area.

The project benefits children from poor communities all over the country.

Our country needs now more than 6,000 schools and the benefits we expect are to give children a better opportunity in life, reduce poverty, and juvenile delinquency.

Donations will help us build schools. We use wood in order to be able to build a school in one day and by using low cost raw material we optimize the resources we receive.

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Location: Guatemala, Guatemala

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