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dancing for a better life! - my voluntary service in Cape Town

A project from South African German Network e.V. (SAGE Net)
in Kapstadt, South Africa

„Giving children the confidence to reach for the stars“ (Philip Boyd) "Dance for All" in Cape Town offers dancelessons free of charge to disadvantaged children. I want to support this project during my voluntary service. Therefor I need your help!

Hannah Cholewa
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About this project

The townships of Cape Town – often places of high criminality and propensity to violence, penury, hunger and diseases. Since there is poor education and little work, young people have poor chances for a better life.

The idea - Philip Boyd, an outstanding south-african dancer, wants to change that. How? By dancing. Hoping to pass on his skills and experiences to disadvantaged children, he founded the dance school „Dance for All“ in 1991. His vision: to make dancing lessons accessible for everyone.
Today, „Dance for All“ offers first-class dance lessons free of charge to 2000 children and adolescents, giving them a new outlook on life. Honorary dance teachers and successfull dancing professionals support the children as teachers,role models and as friends. Everyday- lessons offer assisted free time to the kids. They learn that they can grow further through training and discipline, giving them better prospects for the future – not only in the world of dancing. Scholarships are given to talented children, allowing them to attend a better school, to graduate, go to university and, at the same time, to complete a ballet training. Others become professional dancers or dance instructors. „Dance for All“ is far more than a ballet school for these children - it is a life removed from criminality, prostitution and aids –  it is their family.

My participation - From September 2017 on I will be a small part of this family. My name is Nora van Braam, I am 19 years old and I live in the south of Germany. After my graduation this spring I am so exited to be able to spend a voluntary social year at the dance school „Dance for All“ in Cape Town – thanks to the organisation „SAGE Net“!
I will be supporting the team - assisting in dance classes, helping with the costumes, with the organisation of performances and with administrative work. For me, it is a dream come true that I can be part of this wonderful project since I am a passionate dancer myself for many years. Also, I think that the idea to offer children a better future through dancing is absolutely great!

I need YOUR support! 1 year abroad is very expensive – travel expenses, boarding and lodging, social insurance...the German Federal Ministry for Development and Coorperation takes over 75% of the costs. The organisation „SAGE Net“ has to pay the rest – about 3000 Dollars per volunteer. However, since „SAGE Net“ cannot meet all the costs alone, they ask us to find donors. Therefor we can support our organisation and secure this voluntary service for many generations to come. I am truly thankful for every donation, because every penny brings me a step closer to my dream! 
I guarantee that your donation will be received by „SAGE Net“ 
Follow me on my adventures in South Africa:
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Thank you so much for your interest and your support! 
Nora van Braam