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Closed Legal information in "Hotspots"

Empowering asylum seekers by giving legal information in the Greek "Hotspot" Chios. Bringing together families by utilizing European and international law.

Robert N. from Equal Rights Beyond BordersWrite a message

Legal uncertainty seems inherent to the Hotspot system and the “absence of legal clarity, worrying”. The EU-Turkey statement which came into effect on 20 March 2016 has caused major changes to the administrative procedure in the Greek Hotspots. Many asylum seekers that are "stranded" in the "Hotspots" do not know about the procedure - which is uncertain even for experienced users. Furthermore, many have family members in another member state of the European Union and are not aware of the legal possibilities to be reunified.

Therefor legal information - that is guaranteed by the law but not existent - is necessary and can be provided by legal scholars from all over Europe. The project is coordinated by the NGO refugee law clinics abroad. People such as lawyers, law students, judges or legal scholars are specially trained with regard to exceptional situation in the Greek "Hotspots" and thus start their - voluntary - stay well prepared.

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