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Children / Youth Promotion & Animal and Nature Conservation

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Children / Youth Promotion & Animal and Nature Conservation

I. Roscher from Elb-arche e.V.Write a message

We can not save the whole world and that is not our aim. But we can make them a bit better and more loving every day.
We from the Elb-Arche e.V. from the Vierlanden in Kirchwerder, the children / youth promotion live on all levels and try to enlighten, as well as actively support in various forms and projects.

More recently, we are working with Christiane Bäcker from the local area and are trying to support their volunteer work. Christiane Bäcker is an educator at the Marckmannstraße school, with a focus on spiritual development, for special children. She loves her work with children / teenagers, which is one of the reasons to bring love to animals and children together.
Frau Bäcker has a total of 6 wonderful horses on her Fourlands farm and 2 cows for some time.
"Therapeutic education on horseback"
The therapeutic pedagogical accompaniment on the horse is individually oriented. With the help of the horse, which accepts every human being as he or she is, the children and young people can discover their "true self". Integration is thus made possible and the children learn to let go, to allow themselves to accept fears, to feel healthy shares and to integrate them. After a while, they build confidence in themselves and life, can overcome resistance and feel joy.

"Noah and Ararat" are two small Shetty friends in our loving care, which we were able to take up in 2014. In the meantime, We managed to do this in spite of a lack of financial resources only because our neighbor gave us his pasture free of charge. On two loving godparents, we master everything private which is not so great and here a cushion for the two must be created for relief and for the Emergency .
Without financial resources it is very difficult and an immense struggle, because there must be some moves to expand and expand. Aids that need to be purchased or many other things, the list is long. So we would be happy to get financial support here so we can continue to distribute love and happiness.
For more information, see http //:
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Many many thanks !

Ilona Roscher 1. Chairman and founder of Elb-Arche e.V.

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