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Education in India: Thamarai: Learning and community centre

Auroville, India

Thamarai: Learning and cultural centre is a project in Auroville, South India, which engages in the development of regional villages and supports cultural exchange. The main projects include a Kindergarten and a night school.

S. Ettejjari from Auroville International Deutschland e.V. | 
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About this project

12% of all Boys and 12% of all Girls in India still do child labor! Even though scholar education is free and mandatory until 14 years old the schools are not equipped properly, they lack qualified teachers and especially on the country side the school is often out of reach.

The learning and community centre Thamarai tries to make it's contribution to the village development. The project, which is located in Auroville (More specific in Edayanchavadi), South India, offers amongst other things a Kindergarten and a night school. This is a non-profit project, which offers free education and therefore needs volunteers and donations.

Who am I?
My name is Said Ettejjari, I am 19 years old and will soon graduate with my Abitur (A-levels). Starting in August I will work as a volunteer at Thamarai and will be supportet by weltwärts and Auroville International Deutschland e.V.

The government funded project weltwärts pays 75% of the total costs (Flight, Accomodation etc.). The rest needs to be paid by the organisation, in my case  Auroville International Deutschland e.V.(AVI-D). Because AVI-D is a non-profit organisation it needs donations to keep working.

And now you come into play:

With your donation you support:

  • the AVI-D with their costs for the volunteers
  • the continuation of sending volunteers to Auroville
  • free education for children and the youth in the region of Pondicherry
  • the continuation and funding of the project Thamarai
  • for many childs and young people: a better life!

I thank you for every donation and for every kind of support you give!

Said Ettejjari