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PEM Autism

Hamburg, Germany

The PEM has been shown to be highly effective for people with autism. We are seeking to train people with autism in our method. Such an approach will subsequently enable them to take on an active trainer role. Donate now for our international Project

Aaron W. from Förderverein der Perdekampschen Emotions Methode | 
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About this project

We started our courses in 1995. Throughout the years and with plenty of experience, it has become clear to us that our method works very well for people on the autistic spectrum and can support them in many ways.

Four years ago, we trained Brian – a British participant – in London who recorded a video interview talking about his experiences and the effects PEM had on him. You can see the interview here.

Through our ongoing collaboration with psychologists in Hamburg, we met Aaron Wahl who had been diagnosed with Aspergers.
 His experiences, his commitment and many shared intense conversations led to the decision to create a support system specifically for people on the autistic spectrum.

In the early stages of our work, we believed in the idea of creating a peer project that allows mutual learning and helping each other. We quickly began planning the concept and started networking.

The project has officially been established as non-profit organization in May 2017. Our training offers have been officially certified since July 2017.

Our method is used successfully in many countries in education, businesses and the field of personal development. In our experience, the PEM exercises can improve nearly every area of life lastingly, if practiced and applied regularly.

We make it our policy to constantly improve our processes. We have a clear definition of our customer profile and make it our aim to support our participants in their professional lives.

Tony Attwood and PEM
Tony Attwood is a world-renowned British clinical psychologist.
He has specialized in the Asperger’s Syndrome over 40 years and published many books and publications on the subject.
The most popular book which has been translated into many languages is Asperger’s Syndrome. The book is available in its 4th edition.
Tony Attwood stands out from many of his colleagues by looking at the Asperger’s Syndrome in a positive way and engaging and including autistic people during his presentations.

This was the reason for us to contact him and ask him to look at our work.

In March 2018, he visited a PEM workshop in Sydney to get an impression of our training concept and how we teach it to the participants.
He acknowledged our work and since supported us in many ways.

In May 2018, he held a presentation in Cologne in front of over 700 people where he recommended our program. A day later, he met with us to talk about ideas on how to make our offer better accessible to people workdwide.

At the end of June 2018, he recorded a detailed video interview on the effects of PEM, alongside Australian PEM coaches Sarah and Rik. The video will be shown on our website shortly.


Updated at 18. March 2020

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