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Construction of a kindergarten in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Construction of a kindergarten in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Become part of building a home for the kindergarten "Kideo Kids" in South Africa! Instead of the former corrugated iron huts, we would like to build a two-storey stone house.

C. Hartung from Erdbewegung e.V.  | 
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About this project


nice that you're here! My name is Clara and I live in Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany if I'm not wandering around the world. 

From 2013-2014 I did a voluntary service in South Africa where I worked, played, laughed and loved in the kindergarten 'Kideo Kids' in one of Cape Town's townships for 12 months. 

At that time, the kindergarten was built out of corrugated iron and wooden boards. Both the walls and ceiling were leaking and could not provide protection from rain and wind. In addition the lack of space was an enormous problem for the kindergarten and family life. My boss Veronica Gosa lived and still lives in the same building with her husband George and their children - both the kitchen and the toilet are shared by the kindergarten and the family. Neither in, nor in front of the house there is enough space to meet the urge to move of the children or the privacy of the family. Furthermore, the kindergarten is a Waldorf facilities in theory, which unfortunately isn't the reality in practice due to the conditions described above. 

At the end of 2013 another volunteer, Marie and I started fundraising to build a two-story house, where the family would find their place on the second floor and the kindergarten on the ground floor. With the help of many donors and volunteers who helped with the demolition and construction, the first financial resources were used to build the first floor. The idea was that the fundraising would continue with the new volunteers of our organization but due to various complications, the construction is still unfinished.

Let's get to the here and now. 

In spring 2017 seven friends and I founded the non-profit organization 'Erdbewegung e.V. - Verein für eine global Miteinander'. For me, this, among other things, represents the wonderful opportunity to revive the project and finally finish it. Since the beginning of 2014 Veronica and her family live and works under construction site conditions. Although she is one of the strongest and toughest women I have come to know, I can tell how the situation is burdening her. 

When I said goodbye to the family on my last visit, I promised them to give all my energy to get the house ready as soon as possible. 

I really hope that enough people will be willing to help with a small donation to make this dream of ours come true and make many young and old people happy. 

Thank you for your time!