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"Community Center" for fled women and their children in Izmir.

This is an aid project for fugiled women and their children. A sewing workshop and a small school offer help and a start into a better future.

Markus B. from Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.Write a message

Dear donor,

How nice that you are here!

Many young women have lost their husbands and families during the war in Syria, or in their flight from the conflict and they now find themselves living alone with their children as single-parent mothers in the Aegean city of Izmir. 

At present the vast majority of these women have very little opportunity to securely establish themselves and develop a livelihood and we want to change this.

Syrian women in Izmir are generally living in rudimentary and often dangerous conditions at extortionate prices, if they are lucky enough to have a roof over their head at all - they are at extremely high risk of human trafficking and prostitution. 

By establishing a safe space for these vulnerable women and their children in the heart of Buca - a district that harbours 40,000 Syrian refugees - we will enable them to preserve their dignity and develop a secure livelihood. 

To achieve this we are building a Community Center with the following facilities: textile production; indoor market; children’s daycare; Turkish language school; kitchen and tea room; information and advice centre.

As well as supporting women the aim is to help their children gain access to local Turkish schools. 

We have already signed the lease for a building - we have some furniture and our first sewing machines. But a lot is missing to bring this initiative to life and that is why every small contribution is important - please help us to establish this project!

With all our heart, we say thank you!

Your Musketeers

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