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Donate for a single Mother from Aleppo with three Kids

A singel syrian mom and three kids stuck in Turkey. No way back, no way forward. Help to let them survive all by themselves.

A. Tölke from be an angel e.V.Write a message

Be an Angel made it that Rahaf and her three Kids escaped 24. Dec. from Aleppo. Between the frontlines to Damascus, then Beirut, going to Istanbul. Through a turkish friend we found an appartment. After three month a German friend hosted the four for six month in her home at the coast. Due to the political situation the German lady had to leave. Rahaf and the kids are by themselves, surviving only through donations. Housing, food, health insurance ... We even tried to register the kids in school. 
The father had his interview for asylum in germany in October 2016. Nothing ever happened after. So he can't apply for family gathering. There is no way back. The home of the family has been bombed, two family members died. And the father has been active against Assad. We do need donations to let them survive in Turkey.