An aid project by J. Ochen in PADER, Uganda

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J. Ochen (Project Manager)

J. Ochen
Youth Resource Center (YRC) is a Community Based Project (CBO) located in Northern Uganda, about 390 km away from the city - Kampala. The government due to insecurity and budget constraints did not put into consideration numbers of issues like psychosocial support to the traumatized children who denounced rebellion and settled into the community in northern Uganda and those who were directly or indirectly affected by this African longest mayhem.
Youth Resource Centre is therefore providing youths with games and sporting facilities, and proposes to provide them with music dance and drama equipments/ venue, create information dissemination centre as well as providing them with basic reproductive health cares and meeting some of their basic educational needs like reading materials (in term of public library).

Youths in this region will continue to live self destructive lives and eventually become destructive to the community out of frustration and idleness if nothing is done to re-direct and re-focus their lives. Although other International NGOs are helping the former child combatants and the rest of war affected children in the region, intervention in the field of psychosocial support and psychotherapy is not adequately addressed since most of them (NGOs) focuses on provision of food and non food reliefs items such as blankets, mosquitoes nets, clean water source amongst others, A lot still calls for action inform of meaningful engagement. Pader like any other districts in this region affected by war, has limited resources envelope with many priorities competing for the limited funds.
Therefore, there is an urgent need to open up a Resource Center where this promising generation can have access to live building information, where they can constructively spend their free time and get access to facilities they need to nurture their extra curriculum talents, where they can access basic medical information and health cares as well as reading materials in a library.

The goals of this project are to enable the target beneficiaries (youths) to be engaged into a meaningful life building activities while attending to their basic reproductive medical and educational needs.
It has been proved that, life building interventions are made more successful when tailored to the interest and needs of specific individual groups. The project hence, proposes to offer and support variety of interventions that will appeal to the interest of participating beneficiaries. This will include organizing for them games and sporting activities, music dance and drama, educative and inspiring films, workshops, conferences, voluntary HIV testing and counseling, reading library and basic reproductive care.

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Location: PADER, Uganda

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  • We are running sport for development as a powerful tool for psychotherapy in a post conflict area of Northern Uganda. Joint us in this psychological treatment.

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