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Develop Chernivtsi!

The "Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund" (ASB) is active in Chernivtsi, west Ukraine and organizes various and charitable projects. Support volunteers, who get involved in educational projects and who take care of exiles now!

E. Preuhsler from KJSH e.V. / Jugend im AuslandWrite a message

How it has started
Chernivtsi, a Ukrainian city 30 km from the Romanian border, has always been multicultural. Due to World War II it was almost destroyed completely. Thus, the “Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund” (ASB) settled in the city after the war. Originally, they took care of former forced labourers of the Third Reich. 
The project
The ASB is still working in Chernivtsi, they organise projects and put them into practice. Therefore, they need help from voluntary workers who I will join in 2017/2018. The projects include education in schools and youth groups as well as support of senior forced labourers. Moreover, there is taken care of refugees from the east of the country and from the Crimea.
What to do
German language is used to help all the different cultures to communicate. Today, lots of people become interested in learning it; that is why it is one of the volunteers’ most important jobs to teach it. There have been lessons in kindergarten and in youth groups who conduct social projects like collecting garbage in the city. Furthermore, the volunteers assist the teachers for advanced German at school. In addition, they work in other ranges of the ASB for example by visiting former forced labourers.

My ideas
I am still open minded in how to fulfill my obligations. I would like to support communication and interest in German language by using music. Moreover, I can think of drama projects or activities adapted to my students' age, for example learning vocabulary by painting. It depends on the finance and the ressources given in Chernivtsi.

Your donation
With 3.000€, it is possible for a volunteer to live in Chernivtsi for a year to assist ASB. It includes food, accommodation, insurances and pocket money. Additionally, the federal ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) supports the voluntary service with about 12.000€ more. Owing to volunteers, ASB will be able to give help where it is needed.