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Funded Re-construction of a Nepalese family's house in Kanyara Village, Northindia

A project from Tibet Tshoesem e. V.
in Dharamsala, India

Renovation of a poor Nepalese family's house in Kanyara Village, Northern India, close to Lower Dharamsala.

Konny L.
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About this project

The 15 year old girl Nikita Gurung is living with her father and her 10 year old sister Ritika in a tiny hut in Kanyara Village, close to Lower Dharamsala in Northern India.
During my last trip into this region in January 2017 a good friend from Tse Chok Ling Monastery in Dharamsala drew my attention to this extremely poor Nepalese family. I had the chance to visit them and was shaken by the hard living conditions under which the children grow up and which the father has to endure since he was born. 
The mother had left the family 4 years ago and since then has been living in Manali. She doesn’t care at all for the children. The father is earning a few Rupees in slate mining but it is hardly enough for feeding the family.
The tiny hut made of stone and mud was build in 1950 and is in extrem bad and miserable state. The walls are wet and mouldy, the roof is leaking in the kitchen there is no solid ground, just big stones which are even with shoes hard to walk on. And there the people mostly go bare-fooded. There is neither a toilet nor a shower, not even a connection to water supply. There is no ceiling in the house, only a leaking slate roof which gives a little protection against wind and rain.
The 46 year old father of the girls has been born in this house, the grandfather has been burried infront of the house. We could find a kind sponsor for the two girls and thanks to this support their school education is ensured. But we also want to help the family to provide a place that fits to human habitation.

At the beginning of the project we had planned to renovate the house, but according to the architect's opinion it will make more sense to tear down the building and put up a construction. In May 2017 we could already the first donations at an amount of over 1.700 Euro and on May 19th the old hut was torn down. The new little house will have 3 doors, 5 windows, electricity supply and will be connected to the water supply of the village for constructing a toilet and shower.

Please support our aid project with a donation of any amount and help us to make the life of this poor family a little bit brighter.