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Tooth-Zebra - A zebra-trimmed tooth-car for East Africa

Development of a mobile dental practice including prophylaxis for schoolchildren (and adults) in East Africa!

B. Beigl from Ideenwerkstatt e.V.Write a message

At the moment, I am (Bernd, Beigl from Augsburg Germany) taking part in a cycling adventure journey through Africa (from Cairo to Cape Town). Details at: Unfortunately I /better three of my teeth already after the first days acquaintance with the rough Egyptian asphalt. The first-aid-"dentist" in the local clinic (sweat-bathing) doing his best, but I would have wanted at this moment nothing more than a competent dentist with appropriate equipment. This circumstance, as well as the fact that I had previously seen all sorts of injured Africans, encouraged me to subordinate the journey to a social aspect. Together with you I would like to convert a small truck into a rolling, zebra-painted dental practice. This vehicle can provide the people in East Africa in the future mobile pain relief and more. Details about the trip can be followed on my Facebook page: