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Donate to my Voluntary Service for children in the Philippines

Bacolod City, Philippines

Donate to my Voluntary Service for children in the Philippines

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Help me to fund my Voluntary Service in the Philippines. I will work in an orphanage founded by "Kalipay Negrense Fundation"I want to give the abused or homeless children new perpectives and a blithe childhood.Please support the children and my work.

S. Rin from World Horizon e.V.Write a message

The Kalipay Negrense Fundation manages homes and supports communities wherein the needs and rights of disadvantaged children are protected and where they are empowered and allowed to grow in a fun, healthy and loving environment.
They give abused and homeless children a new home and a new life.
I will work in two of the homes at the island Negros:
Residential Care Program - Drop-in Center: Haven Home:
The center caters to children ages 2-12 years who may be victims of physical or sexual abuse, trafficking, child labor, as well as orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children on a short–term basis for a period of 1-6 months.  The tenure of stay of a child in the center varies depending on the case assessment and evaluation of our social workers.  
Residential Care Program - Recovered Treasures Home:
 KALIPAY’s residential care facility caters to children ranging from ages 2-22 years old on a long-term basis. They are supported until they have a perspective of an atonomonous life. At the moment there life  80 children and a home staff team comprised of a couple acting as house parents, two registered and licensed social workers, six trained child care workers, and a support staff composed of a cook, laundry person, driver and maintenance.
I will work with the children mainly in their free time but also I will help the houseparents sometimes. I want to show the children different activities so they can find their interests and enjoy their time at the home. Additionally I want them to educate themselves and that they evolve dreams and plans for their future. I hope that the children will be able to achieve their dreams and have a loving home throughout the donations and I will have a great time with them.

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